Caffeine dreams – week 47

Ah caffeine….how do you all find it affects your CFS?!

Learning to write

I have now become familiar with a new type of hangover, I am sure I have had it several times in the past, but it has now become frequent enough for me to notice it as a distinct phenomenon.

When I want to work late into the evening, I usually have to be caffeinated. Often I get my timings correct and my caffeine high peters out just in time for bed. Inevitably, however, I get my concentrations or timings wrong, and I am lying in bed until the early hours of the morning waiting for my adenosine receptors to get unblocked.

After I do get to sleep, I inevitably lay in longer, to bring some balance to my life. However, it feels as if there is some universal force that doesn’t want me to sleep past 8 am as whenever I do I have this strange hangover. In theory, I…

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RED January with CFS – Can I do it? What will people think?

What is RED January? RED January stands for Run Every Day January - it's a campaign aimed at beating the January blues, whilst raising funds for mental health charities. This year, RED January decided you didn't have to "run every day" - you could just do an "activity every day: be it swimming, spinning, walking,… Continue reading RED January with CFS – Can I do it? What will people think?